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Thanks for your responses.  I will try and find a decent pull over style or sports bra. I saw a Victoria secret sports bra that also has an underwire. Is this the style that you are talking about? It has the Racerback style in the back and looks like it also has some light padding in the cups to conceal the high beams from showing through. Maybe I can try that for concealment at work. So far the Victoria secret one I like is a 38C lined demi. It has the underwire and a soft cotton cup. I fill the cups out without any wrinkling. It doesn't seem to really "project" them very far,  but does stop the bounce and jiggle. It is very comfortable. How I'veworn it to work has been under a t-shirt and a wife beater style undershirt. I've gotten somewhat confident that no one can see it.  I'll have to give another update on the Bali bras shortly. The band on them are a little more snug than I'd like but the cups are molded and hold everything in place abs give a very nice shape.


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Agreed! Pull over- anything -compression is the worst to try to get on when you're sweating. It can even be challenging to remove. Elomi has a wonderful encapsulating sports bra that is underwire and has a back clasp like a regular bra. While it provides incredible support, it's also very obvious that you are wearing a bra. 

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If the bra fits, wear it.

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 Looks like it starts at a G cup! 

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For what it's worth, torrid also makes a good sports bra that works for every day wear. I wear this one to work every day, and it doesn't cause me to feel compressed or smashed at all.

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"Elomi Women's Plus-Size Energise Underwire Sport Bra, Nude, 32GG at Amazon Women’s Clothing store"

Theses do seem to be for larger cup volumes. May need to look into a 44D that I see for me.

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 I think it’s so nice that we can show and talk about different bras here and, just like women, talk about our bra sizes and what bras work  for us. 

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Im new here
It is difficult for me to choose exactly a bra, so I prefer sports tops.
but I have a few, they are really good
My bras are fitted by a magically talented Orthodox Jewish woman in a teeny tiny shop on the Lower East Side in NYC. It’s like Ollivander’s in Harry Potter. I drive 3.5 hours to see her every couple years.
Orchard Corset.
Oh, I also have an underbust corset
I like wearing it for a few reasons, one of which is because it helps support my back. After I wear it for a day, I'm honestly more eager to take off my bra than my corset, lol. I want to get an overbust corset for this reason.

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