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Borrowed from the gynecomastia site rules, and some additions...

You may not harass anyone about their race, sexual orientation, age, gender, physical or mental abilities.

You may not participate in unfriendly "bashing" of others regardless if they are present or not.

You may not display extreme rudeness or vulgarity to another chatter.

You may not gather names or email addresses for the sake of spamming, slamming, promoting, inviting, and any other form.

You may not participate in sexual harassment or harassment of any kind. No cybering, no planning or discussing illegal activities, no hate mongering, no racial comments, no flaming.

You may not initiate Spam threads. Any spamming activities will result in an immediate ban of the poster.

Do not practice "Necromancy", that is opening an thread older than a a couple months to make a comment. make a new thread. The individuals in that old thread may be long since gone.

If you cant make a post longer than 6 words don't post.
Breaking any of these rule may result in deletion of your post, and or being banned without warning.


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