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My girlfriend is aware that I have some breast tissue but is not fond of me wearing a bra and while it is not to the severity of meeting 1 I still feel more comfortable with one due to physical workout running etc I do not wear one because I feel it makes her uncomfortable so I am uncomfortable for her comfort I love her very much we been together for over a year so it's not like a relationship I am trying to risk or lose but my breast seems to be growing and that worries me to the wonder of what size they will grow to I am only 29 and it has been growing suddely over the past couple years I am a small a cup and 511 about 180 pounds so I'm not fat and no no meds or taking any supplements and I'm worried that she will think I'm doing something to cause this she knows that many cases are idiopathic and likely there is no known cause given that I am on no meds or herbs or supplements but I'm just curious if anyone else had developed breast while in a relationship and how you got them to support you wearing a bra and your breasts in general


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I was married to my wife to entire time that my breast went from having moderate gyne to needing a bra, and it was her that said that I would be able to fill a bra, and that was before I lost my testicles! This was long before I ever needed a 46H.

Honesty is always the best policy in any relationship. If you can't work things like this out now, the bigger things down the road are going to be a big problem! Yes, I don't see how her coming to understanding what gyne is should be that big of a problem. Get her some reading material about it, and if she cares about you, she will read up on it and get informed.


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Well, I never wanted breast nor do I shave my legs, but I have what I got and they came with a lot of other health issues! I figure that God only gives us what we can handle, if you read "my story after all these years" in stories, the boobs are just a part of it!

Here's a picture if you haven't seen it before.


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I guess I would suggest you see a doctor and get a handle on the root cause, if you have not already done so. There are many reasons for gynecomastia, some of them deadly. 

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Outside of gyne and the bra, did your GF know of your feminine side prior to dating seriously or have these revelations been a 'parade of surprises' after the relationship got past the just friends, need to know more about each other stage. 

There is not one person that like surprises, particularly in their personal lives. If these desires were not revealed early on, I suspect, based on your concern and question,  you know there is tension in the relationship. Right now I would venture to say she may be wondering, and it will be the worst, not best, what is this guy going to drop one next. 

I don't see this as a gyne question as much as coming here and seeking relationship advice for a situation that we generally don't have. Just my opinion. 

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You really need to see an Endocrinologist and get to the root cause of your breast development.
As for your GF, well it all depends on your state of mind and what you will or will not accept. In my case I simply ignore/dump Ladies who have an issue with my breasts. There are many more to choose from so why bother with those who are or become a problem.
If you are seeing a Lady who is so shallow she can not see the man inside the dump her and move on.


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If she has an issue with it, maybe ask her how she would feel if you wanted to leave her if she had a double mastectomy because of breast cancer. She wont look any thing like a woman any more in the breast area. A guy must have a anatomically perfect woman, after all...cause all we think about is playing with her breasts, right? What if she get into a car accident, or gets stuck in a wheelchair? What if it happens to you? Is she the type to love you through that? If not, she is shallow, or doesnt probably love you now.

If you really love someone, the inner person is what you are in love with. I am with TigerPaws on this one. If my wife had issues where she couldnt look past my developing boobs, I would divorce her, set her free, and move on...because she wouldn't be the woman I thought I was in love with afterall.

Truth is, my wife doesn't care at all, in fact she seems to enjoy them. She knows how sensitive they are and uses that to her advantage. She is always offering me encouragement, and doesn't want me to risk surgery just because I have large boobs for a man. She knows how self contentious I am about them, especially when performing live in public places where I am not always among friends.

Maybe it would have been different if we were 20. I dont know. I am almost 50 now, so we are both starting to fall apart in none flattering ways. You and your woman will too. Noone stays young forever, and we all end up dying from something.

I think it warrants a real heart to heart talk with her, and deal with it...whatever the outcome. We are all still men, we all have hearts, and is hard enough without feeling rejected by your own partner.


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I agree with the last 2 posters! I went from a strong in great shape young man to a guy using a wheelchair as well as one with very big breast, and my wife never had a second guess about how much she loves me!

When I became disabled, she went to work! When I have surgery, she here to care for me, and she thinks it would be crazy to have surgery just to remove breast.

She loves me unconditionally, just as she promised on our wedding day!


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