Author Topic: how do i make my breast bigger without pills and pumps?  (Read 13588 times)

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i was trying to make my breast bigger do you have any ideas[if you do write back]      sj jordan or serkiah jerel jordan
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I would consult you to look offsite, and try google.

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Hmmm, lets see....  Implants?   ;)

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complete opposite why can't some girl take our moobs away jeeez i hate this
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I had posted a response here. It seemed to fit with an earlier response. Upon re-reading the entire thread, I thought that it did not fit with the original post so I removed it.

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Hmmm, lets see....  Implants?   ;)


Implants would definitely do the trick. Why you interested in having bigger breasts? Are you trying to turn trans-gender? If you want more female characteristics all around, you can begin taking estrogen as well.

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dont encourage people to take estrogen.  when he pisses it out it'll just work its way into the water supply, damage the reproductive systems of fish and other wildlife, and probably eventually contribute to giving someone else gyne....(someone who DOESNT want it)
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i was trying to make my breast bigger do you have any ideas[if you do write back]      sj jordan or serkiah jerel jordan

Yes you can take estrogen & anti androgen meds, many T girls do. However you have to be aware that while this will make your breasts grow, there will also be some other effects you might not be so happy with. Like loss of sex drive, loss of body hair (although it will stop your head going bald!) muscle & joint aches, susceptabilty to oestroporosis (spelling?) loss of upper body strength, increased risk of DVT & more.
So, if you ONLY want t1ts then go for the implants! :D
Do a lot of research on this first .. please!----- then I recomend ethinyl estradiol & cyproterone acetate!
Good luck 8)

my boobs has been getting bigger lately i'm 57 , and it started at first when i was young about 11 or 12 or sooner. i had a hard time exccepting it then  but not now . well i guess what i'm trying to say is it might be i have more estrogen in me than testosterone and that is why they are getting bigger. but i have learned to except my big boobs as part of me now. and it could be a trannsgender thing too i don't know yet.

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