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My wife is getting a mammogram today. Yesterday she metioned I should have one too. what do you think? 


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Depending on your age and family history,  it should be considered. If you're 30 or older,, you should have one to at least establish a baseline for any future changes. 


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Mammogram is not that big of a deal! Get one if you need one! A ultrasound is good too have as well!


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What is required for medicare to cover the mammogram?


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Im not sure about this but, I think that you just need to be referred by your primary care provider. 

My insurance covers mine annually. I have one every year because of my size and family history.. I also have dense breast tissue which is another factor. 


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Everything that I have read indicates that the chance of men getting breast cancer is very low.  Even if men have breasts, the odds don't increase, so it is not recommended.  Of course, the best advise I can give you, is to discuss your medical issues with your doctor.

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 I have breasts like a woman and I get a routine mammogram just like a woman does.   My doctor refers me, my insurance pays, and I am treated with consideration and dignity. Well, as much consideration and dignity as you can have when your breasts are being squished between hard, cold metal.

 My doctor has taught me how to examine my breasts, and gives me breast exams as appropriate between mammograms. I strongly recommend doing this as well. 

 Good breast health may not be as much fun as putting on a cute bra, but it is essential  

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It's really no big deal, and can help to assuage any concerns you may have regarding cancer and/or breast tissue density.  I had my first (and I hope only) in December 2019 and it was a walk in the park.  Finding out that cancer is 100% not the underlying cause was also a big relief off my "chest", so to speak.

It was awkward, but IMO only because the facility and staff made it out to be.  I was pretty much perp walked into the room, complete with a spare gown draped over my head, to hide me from any women that might see me.  I balked at that, but was told that it was more for the women's comfort than mine and just dealt with it.  The procedure itself is easier than it sounds.  You get "smushed", of course, and I think depending on how much actual glandular breast tissue you have as opposed to fat tissue it might be pretty sore the next day.  That said, they ask you to stand a certain way and put your arm(s) in a certain place, and 45 seconds later it's done.  Repeat for the other breast and go home.

There is definitely a stigma for a man getting a mammogram, but I've had so much worse in my life it was a no-brainer for me.  I may be more jiggly than I'd like to be, but I'm cancer-free. I wouldn't know that if I didn't have a mammogram.


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