Author Topic: excess skin -- and best gynecomastia surgeons in southern california  (Read 3541 times)

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Im posting in regards to gynecomastia concerns. I reside in california and I have gynecomastia but Im a bit over weight I have kaiser medical insurance but im debating if I want my surgery done by them. I've seen two different surgeons they both said since I have alot of skin in my chest area if I have the normal procedure when the nipple areola is cut and the tissue is pulled on through the excision and with the use of liposuction around the area the surgeons said I will have a raisin effect around my nipple the skin will hang. Another option they gave me was to just have excisions underneath my pecks and just remove the extra breast tissue from there but I will be left with a scar around under both pecks. Then i asked what about the Donut suture lift around the nipple where the skin is cut and the remaining skin is sewn together around the nipple. The surgeon said that this is the worst procedure because eventually the thread will break and with cause I scar outburst in shape a Star I just would like to know is there any other way to avoid this excess skin issue without having the scars under my peck lines.? and who are the best surgeons in southern california? I need a specialist who can deal with this issue of excess skin after the surgery with minimum scarring and not having the procedure done how I explain above with the removal of the breast tissue with the excision under my pecks instead of around the areola.


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