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    • "Me vs. My Breast"
Me. vs. My Breast is a short self financed documentary produced by myself, as first time documentary producer and until recently sufferer of gynecomastia myself, the goal of this film is to telling the hardship of living with this condition though the hearts and mind of those men.

In addition the film also briefly explores the causes, myths, treatments and its side-effect for this condition.  Interviews includes a Dr. Frank Lista, one of the world renown gynecomastia plastic surgeon, the current suffers Alex, Ian and Mat, and former sufferer John who tell his first hand experience of life after surgery.

If it doesn't work, swtich to:

Please don't forget to support this work with a click on Google Adsense and leave a comment on the guestbook.

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Free Documentary "Me vs. My Breast"

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Wow, I just watched it.  Hey, thanks man.  Right now that's all I can say.

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I finally got a chance to view the documentary...great work!
8 years of suffering Mild gyne...
2 surgeries & $6,000 later....
         STILL PUFFY   :/


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