Author Topic: Excision with liposuction costs 55 to 60K in chennai  (Read 13537 times)

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   I have been a regular visitor to the gyne forums espically the india section as i am a gyne sufferer myself.After going through the forums ,i could make out the surgery cost if done in your own city(in my case chennai) would be in the range of 30 to 35k. Beleiving this, i tried to get an appointment with Ramachandran K through online as his schedule was full, settled with an appointment with only other cosmetic surgeon in apollo chennai.

He examined and concluded i needed both excision around nipple and lipo and passed this to me as a new revolutionary method which has come recently.When i enquired the cost he bowled me out saying it would be in the range of 55 to 60k.When i got back to him saying it has been mentioned in the range of 35K in various forums he told me it was the older method where they would make a long cut excision and has permanent scars.I had saved 35K and would have fixed the surgery date if not for price escalation. i was extremely disappointed and could not understand how two doctors in the same hospital have different rates for the same treatment  :-\.

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sad to know that buddy..try other clinics..

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All dat scar thingy is rubbish.. Either this doctor leaves scars or duznt know anything.

Ive had gyne surgery the good old way ( ie: semi-circular incisions on lower side or nipple rims). And 10 months since..there is no scar visible to the naked eye.
the eye of my partner is sharp like an eagle.but still wasnt able to view my scars while working out on me in bed  ;D . Why ? Bcoz there wasnt any.


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