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Today I officially celebrate one month from the Gynecomastia surgery. I waited for a month to document my journey so I could briefly provide a snapshot of my journey.

I am 31 year of age from Makati Philippines. I am a marketing professional. Gynecomastia haunted and traumatized me since I was 14. I did my best to cover it up and manage it - I did boxing, karate, swimming, and even weight lifting but I really struggled with it. The last resort indeed was gynecomastia surgery.

This is entry is more than just the "how" this is about the "why." I once was you researching of hours on whether or not I should go on with this. This decision was not for others, this was for me. For advancement, for becoming better. I knew there would be pain and rough roads, hence "no pain, no gain" is such an adequate quote.

Fear was the primary problem. Fear of pain, fear of uncertainty, fear of the unexpected. This is why this is literally and figuratively not for the faint of heart. This is channeling your manhood and choosing courage over fear. This is going the extra mile for the opportunity to be better. Once you are free of fear, I urge you to continue reading. If not, go and find the courage first before you continue reading.

I was never fond of hospitals and operating rooms. The sheer sight of the needles, the operation table, and the tools skyrocketed my blood pressure - There was even a moment I thought I'd blackout during surgery. Every move was delicate. I placed my entire trust to God and prayed that I live through the surgery.

When I was young I had asthma and had to take steroids to manage it, my condition started because of it. I was a varsity swimmer and a lot of times I had moments of shame because of my condition. I always have the apprehension of taking my shirt off during swimming or just a simple beach outing. I wore loose clothes or sometimes really tight ones to cover it all up. It was really terrible. All I ever wanted was to be the best version of me.

I contacted Dr. Benny Herbosa - this man changed my life. It was rare to find a doctor that can also be a good friend. I was afraid but Dr. Herbosa was kind enough to mellow my fears. I researched other doctors but Dr. Herbosa was always on top my list. Indeed, Dr. Herbosa was easy to talk to - talk to him about your condition, budget, and your expectations and he surely help you out.

I was diagnosed to have level 3 gynecomastia I contacted Dr. Herbosa a week before my surgery and we did it.

If you do not want to know what happened during surgery I suggest you stop reading and just read the last paragraph. Like everything else there will always be birth pains. Trust me all the research will not prepare you for the surgery day. It will be the most gruesome 90 minutes of your life, even with local anesthesia there will be pain and discomfort - I will not sugar coat it. You have to be brave, fate favors the brave. Only one thing was on my mind "I can do this, this is for me." Make sure you're in good physical condition before surgery, share everything with your doctor . Breathing exercises helped me relax during the surgery - practice this a week before. I could detail every minute of the experience but looking back now those moments of pain where a small part of the big picture. That 90 minutes was more of a mental challenge than physical. Once you overcome it the rest becomes easy. You have to have the mindset that it will be a rough road but at the end of that rough road is the pot at the end of the rainbow.

After the surgery the real struggle began. No shower for a week. Compression vest and Chest binder 24/7. Removal of stitches a week after. Cleaning and maintenance of incision area. Almost everything you read here in this forum are true. Trust me, it's all worth it.  

Here's my tips:
- Have a good breakfast on the day of surgery.
- Pre surgery mindset is important. It's all about the mind. Relax during surgery.
- Do not drive on the first day of surgery. I learned this the hard way.
- Have at least 2 days downtime.
- List whatever the doctor's orders and follow it religiously (compression vest, appointment schedule, chest binder for 3-4 weeks)
- Take 1,000 mg Vitamin C a week before Surgery and the 4 weeks during healing stage.
- Avoid any heavy lifting or high intensity exercises during the recovery period.
- After the stitches are removed make sure the incision area is always clean. I used Cetaphil for 3 weeks.
- Take the time to inspect the wound area and report immediately to the doctor any sign of blood clot or pus.
- Do not overeat during the 3-4 weeks healing! Do not gain any weight. If you do fat will go in other places and you will look unproportional and waste the surgery. Prepare a weight plan. Gradually increase calorie burn by having short walks.
- You may feel some slight soreness and decrease in range of motion. It will all get better, you'll slowly gain back the range of motion - do not force it.
- Do not rush the healing process. The external wounds may heal faster rather than the internal wounds. And recovery time varies from every person and even body part.
- If you plan to keep the surgery a "secret" I suggest you have at least 2 people knowing it, one from work and one at home. You need someone at work to cover for you when you feel heavy and tired and just want to go home and sleep. You need someone at home to wrap the binder and even help clean the incision area. You can't do it alone.
- If you're searching for a doctor I highly recommend Dr. Herbosa and his team of experts. PM me if you want his contact details.

My future plans
- I can feel that I'm still a bit sore so I gradually will increase my exercise - no need to rush. I started walking this week, at least 10,000 steps a day. I plan to increase intensity with light cardio. I plan to gradually jog and lift weights when I hit the 5th mid week, then start boxing on the 6th-7th week. I won't waste this investment with munching on big macs and fries.
- Of course, add more into this entry. expect additional info on my second month of my journey.

So now here I am 4 weeks after surgery. Here's my thoughts:
- Would I do it again? No way!
- But it was all worth it - every second was worth having the confidence that you can be better. I am happy I did it and am truly happy with the results. I am finally gyno free. The change is for a lifetime.
- If you are like me, who was painfully traumatized by gynecomastia, yesterday was the best time to have done it, today the second best time to have done it, and tomorrow is your last chance to have it fixed. You deserve the best version of yourself. Go and make it happen.

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Congrats Bro! Gyne Free ka na. can you send me a pm, regarding how much it cost na singil sayo ni doc benny, ill be coming home by nov para magpa surgery din kay doc benny. thanks bro! 

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Congratulations!  The results look great.  Could you possibly message me with the cost breakdown of the procedure?  Thank you so much in advance and congratulations again.

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May I know how much did you pay for the operation?

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Hello Sir, 
Can u possibly give me Dr. Benny's contact details. Thank you. 
Congrats as well and I wish u are feeling great!

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Hello im from phillipines also , please help us support gynecomastia phillipines we have a group on facebook , sino mga pinoy dito 

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Does Dr. Herbosa accepts healthcard like Medicard?


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