Author Topic: Gynecomastia surgery in singapore (polyclinic referral)  (Read 2720 times)

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Hey guys! 

Have been lurking for quite a bit and decided to create an account to post. 

Just got my polyclinic referral today, to SGH. 

Was wondering, is it necessary to stay overnight for observation? 

A little bit about myself, i'm 172cm, approx 65kg. 

Used to be 85-90kg range and managed to slim down, thus quite a bit of loose skin. 

I realised if it's cold, my nipple will shrink to the perfect size and it's not an issue when i wear plain / white clothes. 

However, most of the time the nipples are puffy and can be seen through the plain / thin clothes i'm wearing. 

Any idea if local hospital will reduce the areola size as well? As i've seen the previous few post here mostly lipo / tissue removal is done only. 

Hoping there's an option to be discharged after the op instead of staying overnight


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Just an update, went to sgh today and doc advised for blood test and scan to make sure everything is ok before referring to plastic surgeon. 

Scan will be next month, followed by appt with plastic surgeon. 

Price for today's consultation is about $210 including consultation + blood test, following scan can be paid using medisave. 

(Price is after govt subsidy, referral from polyclinic) 

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Hi bluefoam,

Not sure if you still read this post. How's your recovery so far after surgery?

Hope all is good!


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