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Hi, I have checked out this forum on and off now for quite awhile and the feedback led me to make a decision as well as the chance to learn about Dr. Herbosa. I checked out several surgeons in the PI and none of them seemed to have quite the experience with the procedure as Dr. Herbosa has. He seems to have been doing it quite often. As one says, the more you do of something, the better you get at it ,and that's why I wanted someone with experience doing it. note: also I forgot to add I was very satfisfied with his work from the before and after pictures I saw of his patients which I found on the forum.

After meeting him and seeing his personality, the fact he answers txt message and emails quickly, knowing I can get ahold of him if I ever need him, in addition to the fact he explains everything and lets you know of the possible complications, I knew he was the one I wanted to do it.

Pricing was very fair, and I will not disclose that as it is not relevant. It depends on your case, as the more gland that has to be excised the more work, and longer it will take, resulting in higher cost.

Procedure was done under local, with no pain whatsoever.

Now, while my procedure was successful, I did suffer a minor, common complication that seems to occur among some patients, hematoma and seroma. I will offer some advice how to avoid that as I believe there were several factors that lead to this. So you can take this as things I wish i did after surgery......

1. In retrospect, make sure you have the nurses wrap you VERY tight after surgery. I think I could have been wrapped tighter. If you have to, bring an ab binder for added pressure and support.
2. Take it very easy the first day, and the first 3 days!!! I did not have anyone to help me during the first day after surgery, and moving around, picking up my laptop, and stretching out arms to even get silverware the first day could easily dislodge a clot causing me to bleed. Allow the clot to form and be stable which takes around 3 -5 days.

Also I have to accept the possibilty that even if I had everything done perfectly after surg, post op wrap tighter and limited movement, I still could have developed hematoma/seroma. Just do whatever you can to avoid it, and should it happen, fight it aggressively, ie: it sucks having to be drained but you have to if you dont want to have a huge mass in your chest that could takes months for the body to absorb. Ya they say infection is higher, but with antibiotics and being in a sterile enviroment and of course keeping the wound area clean, chance of infection is minimized big time. So drainage every 3 days or so, then wrap tight as hell, then again and again until there is no more. It took me 14 days to finally stop it for good. Dr. herbosa was there to drain me when I needed to so frequent visits were necessary for awhile

I am on my 14th day now and the area has finally stopped draining. I also highly recommend the tegaderm patch after you get the stitches out to accelerate healing. I put that on, and in one day, with neosporin, I saw a significant difference in the healing of the incision whereas before, after 2 days with regular gauze, the area was not healing that good.

I plan on wearing the elastic wrap for 2-3 weeks more until when the incisions are fully healed. I hope my experience and advice will be helpful for any guys who are in the process of deciding whether to undergo the procedure. It is a tough choice, and I am happy I did it. I have a flat chest now. I highly recommend Dr. Benny Herbosa and believe he will be able to get you the results you want.

Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will post pictures once my swelling and bruising are gone as i dont see a point of posting after pictures that are still in the process of healing.

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Congrats Bagheeramd and thanks for the info. Will look into that gauze also.

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Could I know where hospital is he affiliated? thanks!

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Congratulations mate!


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