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Hi All,
Has any 1 done surgery in chennai? If yes which doctor and hospital? Or any 1 has idea about who can do the best surgery for gyne?
I have met Dr.Murugesan in Apollo Hospitals But I am not aware about his credentials.

Please help me by suggesting good ps in chennai..

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I would like to know aswell! Thing is try getting a second opnion about the doc and his op methods from other specialists.

Second option would be try asking your GP to recon u a PS.

Do let me know how it worked and if u find a good doc in chennai, let me know too!

All the best

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Well r u frm chennai too?

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Hello fellow Indians, what is the cost of surgery(gland excision and liposuction) in chennai?
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dont know about madras / chennai but i do know that Apollo Hospitals are great and you should have a good service though always get a second ps to take a look.

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Hi all,

I am also looking for info abt treatment in chennai/tamilnadu.
do anyone have idea about the cost of liposuction in chennai?

I have excess breast tissue growth from 15 yrs and it has become quite visible these days. I have learned thro web resources that the extra breast tissue can be removed by surgery/liposuction. I want to undergo such surgery and get rid off it.

my questions are:

1. How much does it cost for the treatment (liposuction)?

2. What could be the estimated time period for the treatment?
(from the first consultation to recovery)

Thank you

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Well. I am an Indian but now reside in Canada for almost 11 years. I am going for a surgery in Toronto for $1800. Which is almost Rs. 70000. But keep in mind that government pays for some pf the surgery fees. If you go to private clinic, it cost for $5000 which is almost Rs.2 lacs. Other day, I was looking at Indian section and someone referred to doctor in Mumbai for arround 1 lacs. I will try to find out and will let you know guys.
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Any idea abt DR Krishnamurthy Ramachandran -Apollo hospital - Chennai ...............

Did anyone consulted him ..............

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i met a doctor in chennai, she is a plastic surgeon in a private hospital at alwarpet. she said the operation will cost me Rs.40,000/- includes room cost. We will have get admitted the previous night and next day morning surgery will be done and will be discharged the same day evening. We cannot go alone to the surgery and some one has to be with us.

i also saw this site, a hospital delhi which assures that is can be reduced using medicens. if any of u have any idea about it plz let me know.

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talk to her, see if they perform excision.. even if its just fat, its better to perform excision, which cuts the fat+andy tissue out... exciision procedure makes sure that the chest is flat... many ppl complain that after liposuction only, the pointy shape does not go away..

im on of those unhappy people after lipo onnly surgery..:(
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