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Hi Doctors,

Desperate for guidance here as I’m not getting much support from my surgeon.

I had revisional gynecomastia surgery done a little over two months ago and having some big issues, both kind of the opposite from each other.

I had my first surgery done when I was 18 which was quite good. At 34 now, I admittedly got a bit greedy and wanted them to be perfect. My left chest the goal was to remove a bit of residual gland still there and use fat to fill in a little sunkeness at the bottom of the left aerola.

The right side goal was to simply remove more fat, as there was zero gland to be found but I still had a pretty loose chest with puffy nipple despite muscle.

Well, both sides are pretty much worse than pre op.

The right side, while no obvious crater deformity, is completely hollowed out, where I feel absolutely no tissue whatsoever under the aerola, so much so I can completely stretch out the aerola just by pulling on . The area feels just completely empty, and when I raise my arms, the right aerola sinks in a ton. Yet, when my arms are at rest, the chest looks very loose and aerola is very puffy (again with NO tissue underneath causing the puffiness). What’s the issue here? Too much fat removal and left with bad laxity?

The left side I have the opposite problem. The chest is actually quite tight now, but the incision to remove the remaining gland, which was actually quite small, is quite pink and raised and has a firm hard lump underneath that doesn’t seem to be getting better. Any advice on this? Injections? Massage? It almost feels like a pebble right underneath where the scar/incision is.

Again, really desperate for any advice I can get here. Thanks in advance.


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Very difficult to evaluate your situation, despite your photos.  You have now had two operations (one primary and one revision) and there are apparently still some concerns, which may or may not be fixable.  Very strongly recommend you consult with  an experienced gyne surgeon IN PERSON to see if anything more can be done to improve your situation.  And be prepared to hear that possibly nothing more can be done.

Good luck!

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