Author Topic: 6mo post op, seeking revision for left areola. (Creased Areola, Inverted Nipple)  (Read 1240 times)

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Before you read, I want to clarify that objectively, I'm actually decently satisfied with my gynecomastia results. But I'm sure a lot of you can understand that after dealing with moobs for almost my entire adolescent life, the appearance of my chest is a huge deal to me. I wrote this post not to complain, but to get insight into what might be causing my condition, and advice on some next steps to take.

Hi all,

I had my first gynecomastia surgery roughly six months ago. 3-4 weeks post-op, I noticed that my left areola was heavily creased. In addition, there were large, raised bumps around both my areolas anytime they were erect.

I initially chalked this up to swelling and the healing process, but the appearance of my left areola never changed, no matter how rigorously I massaged. Fast forward six months later, I contacted my plastic surgeon asking about the appearance of my left areola, and I was tersely told that he could see absolutely nothing wrong with its appearance, and that he saw no need for intervention of any kind.

"No intervention, of any kind"? Not even Kenalog shots for the hypertrophic scars left behind from the incisions? I felt like my concerns were being pushed aside, and my plastic surgeon's response didn't sit well with me, so I found this forum and wanted to get a second opinion.

Including relevant pre-op and post-op pictures below, but I'd like to know:

1) What could be causing the raised bumps around both my areolas when they get hard? There's also pain around my areolas, which I've been told is highly unusual 6 months post-op.

2) What could be causing the sunken, shriveled appearance of my left areola? Is there anything I could do about it, or there nothing to correct, as my surgeon judged?

3) What are my options for the large hypertrophic scar under my left areola? Is excision of the scar an option here, or are cortisone shots my best bet?

Pre-Op and Immediate Post-Op pictures:

3-4 Weeks Post Op (Left Areola):

Left Areola, Side & Front Profile (04/07)

Thank you for taking the time to read about my worries and concerns. I'd greatly appreciate any insight into the causes behind my appearance, or advice on potential steps to take.

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You have a very good outcome, for sure.  The elevation at the scar may be a hypertrophic scar that would respond to steroid injection. Other than that, I would just let it heal.
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