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When I move my arm over my head or flex there is a small indentation in my nipple/areola. When relaxed the indentation is not as apparent.

That nipple/areola also happens to be showing the stitch underneath the skin because it hasn't melted which may be creating the indent.

It has been approx 1 month since surgery.

Should there be anything I should worry about? Does this sound like a crater or will it go away with time?

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First, it is much too early to determine anything about your surgical results.

There are times, even when healing is complete, that there can be minor contour differences of the chest when moved into different positions.  It is not possible to predict how every patient will heal, even with a perfectly performed operation.  Although this is not ideal, understand that the chest muscle and chest contour do change dramatically when the arm is raised above the head.

Fortunately, the vast majority of your life is spent with your arms down at your side and if your chest looks good in this position, then the surgery should be deemed successful.

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