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Hello, I just read that all males have some breast tissue. Is this true? If it is how much is then "normal"? The reason I ask is because I found out mine is only 10 mm in diameter on one side and 7 mm on the other side. I know this is more than normal but maybe a surgery will only make it look worse and it may not be worth the risk.

Thank you.

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All males have tissue in the breast.There are two types of tissue found in the normal male breast ,glandular and adipose tissue. The glandular tissue extend into the nipple. The issue with gynecomastia is not if an individual has breast tissue nor the width of the glandular component but whether there is excess tissue which result in a visible alteration which negatively impacts the appearance  of the chest wall.
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The tissue that I leave behind under the areola after excision of gynecomastia is typically anywhere from 6 - 10 mm in thickness.  Depending on what sort of examination demonstrated that you have 7 mm on one side and 10 mm on the other side, that may be fairly normal, but it really depends on the appearance of the entire chest as to whether you have clinical gynecomastia. 

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