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I am just curious if there is a standard by which gynecomastia is rated as mild, moderate, severe, and very severe. If so, what is the rating based on?

I have seen charts listing stage 1 through stage 7 but that number doesn't necessarily translate to a severity rating. A person could have very little tissue (mostly loose skin) and be a stage 7 - does that also make it a severe case? Conversely, a person could be quite well endowed yet be perky and have a lower stage rating but be quite large.

Just curious how the severity is determined - or does it vary based on the individual?


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Someone asked a similar question recently and the answer is there is no accepted standard for the classification of gynecomastia.
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There are a variety of classification systems that try to address skin character and amount (normal amount of skin with good tone versus skin excess with laxity), fat/glandular excess (from just a puffy nipple to a large breast), and the goal is in some way to provide a means of considering presentation of the gynecomastia and approach to correction.  There is not an accepted standard, however.  
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This is a great question. While there is not a formal classification that is used by all surgeons, I do classify gynecomastia in my practice. I have outlined the various types as I see them.

You can view my Gynecomastia Classification system here.

I hope his helps.
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There is not any universal classification system. I tend to classify the severity as far as the treatment needed to correct it. I think of three types. The first type can be corrected without any removal of excess skin. The skin will adequately shrink on its own. In the second type, there is too much skin laxity, most of the time located centrally. In these cases a peri areolar skin removal will be need to make up for what the skin can't do on its own. The most severe type requires a generous removal of skin along the inframammary crease and relocation of the nipple as a graft. Although this can seem very straight forward, I can assure you there is a lot of "gray" and some guys will not fit so easily in these three categories. But it helps.
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