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Hey Doc i appreciate the time. Im 21 years old about 200 lbs. I have been smoking for a couple of years now. My surgery date is April 11th. My plastic surgeon will conduct a nicotine test the day of surgery and also a pre op visit this upcoming Thursday. I quit the cigarettes on March 11th and stupid enough started back last week. My last cigarette was today and im wondering if there is any quick ways to flush the nicotine out of my system in time for this Thursday or even  April 11th? Ive read stuff online about detox and drinking water/cranberry juice but wanted some advice from a doc. I'm pretty disgusted with myself to not had the self control because i have been wanting this surgery for over a year now and im hoping i didn't screw it up. Also i called and asked my nurse and they said that they do a nicotine test and not a cotinine test. I know cotinine takes longer to clear out of your systems but just want to make sure the nurse knew what she was talking about. thanks in advance!


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