Author Topic: Are creases/indent like these 'normal' after gyno surgery?  (Read 3453 times)


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I had surgery about 3 weeks ago and notice that when I flex my chest I have lots of creases on my areola and a tiny bit of an indent.

Keep in mind that I have stitches are the bottom that are going to be removed next week.

But what scares me is that my areola has so many creases etc. Is this because of weight loss before the surgery and they lost the elasticity? Will they contract (skin) and the creases etc will go away? They look almost like wrinkles.

The creases are not as evident at all when I'm not flexing.

First picture of my areola is lying down flexing. Second picture is me standing up flexing.
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This early, it's not uncommon to have some tissue irregularities, including creases on the areola.  Most of these should continue to improve over time, and at this point, it's too early to predict the need for further intervention.  I encourage my patients to massage the tissue after surgery, which helps to soften the area and aids with resolution of swelling.  Check with your surgeon for recommendations.

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