Author Topic: Going in to second op.. Advice and a reccomendation for a surgeon GA appreciated  (Read 1889 times)

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My results were very satisfying for about two years when i noticed my left pectoral area started to puff out more than the right alot like before my surgery.. My main concern now going in to a second op is what prodedure should i do.. Id really like to have this procedure that i read on where they do not make an incisision on the aereola, but rather a smaller incision elsewhere and then they use tools to break up the glands while inside  and a small tube to suck it out... Does any1 know the name of this procedure ,,,, and also any1 recommend a good physician in atl ga area or just georgia in general? Your time and concern is greatly appreciated... This problem cause me stress on a daily basis and im looking foward to this second op more than the first one; which was done at age 17. Ive read how in many cases gettin an op done at such young age may likely require a follow up.. Well im now 22 and optimistic about this revision.. Ty for reading response will be appreciated

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In my experience, if the surgery is done right the first time, then recurrence of gyne is rare -- especially just on one side.  However, what is not rare is the development of scar tissue, which may not require surgery at all but rather a cortisone shot.  The only problem here is that you claim it developed two years after your original surgery -- which is not common.

Would strongly recommend you get a second or even third opinion before launching into another operation.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the response doctor.. I realize the point youre trying get across, but when i see the results in a mirror wearing one or even two layers its easily noticeable... Its not so much my nipples but the actual muscle itself protrudes more on the left, which is alot like before op except the nipples themselves are still much smaller than pre op. It would be preferable to me to have the procedure i described in my first post without actually having to make incision on my nipple because my nipples dont need anything changed.. But the mass itself is uneven in an unpleasant way on the left...ive pretty much made a firm decision on having a second op.. Id just like to familiarize myself with the procedures and have a recommendation or refferal to a good physician in my area.. Ty again

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From your description, it may be that you will just need to have some liposuction on the side that has thickened up.  If your body-fat has increased in the past 2 years, and if there was a little more persistent fat on the left than the right, this could thicken a little more as well.  Simple liposuction may correct that, which would be done from a remote incision.  If you require treatment of the tissue under the nipple, you should do that as well, since you don't want to get a compromised result. 

If you're going to do something further, you should definitely see someone who treats gynecomastia frequently.  This will hopefully minimize your risk and optimize your outcome.  I don't know of anyone in Georgia, unfortunately.

Good luck,

Rick Silverman
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Thank you very much doctor Silverman.. Ill keep that in mind


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