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I began developing breasts at 24 in 2010 for what doctors labeled idiopathic. They only grew minimally and like others i had invisible growth but to me may as well be d cups. Over the course of 5 years now they have developed little by little to small b cups at this rate. Theyll be fine for waht seems like months and then suddenly get sore and tender and in days they are bigger and definitely more growth and fullness. Is this normal doctor originally told me if growth continued it would cease after 18 mos usually but coming around to 5 years now im worried theyll eventually be rather large. At this point ive become comfortable with self but need for a bra and having a gf who understands but not fond of it just worries me if they continue to grow.
I take no supplements except zinc and diet is fairly good. I am 5 11 at 175lbs so fat isnt the issue. Any ideas? Been to 2 endos and no conclusive ideas


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