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Long story long.. Got gyno during puberty. Glandular only, no fat. It went away on its own. Did my 1st Steroid cycle at 21 yrs. old (now 55) yrs and bilateral gyno reappeared even while taking nolva. Still cycled steroids, maybe once a year for 8 wks., and gyno kept getting worse even with anti e's. About 8 yrs after first cycle had gyno removed from PS who was refferred to me by a friend who had his removed. I was up front with doc about aas and had been clean for 4 mos. Had surgery, glandular only, no lypo, and everything went fine. A week after surgery, large lumps appear under both nips. Doc accuses me of still juicing which I wasn,t. He repeats surgery and again everything looks good except for a small lump under incision of left nip. Doc says its scar tissue not to worry.

Continued cycling (nothing crazy) and 10 yrs later, gyno is back only in left nip. Have it removed by a different, well respected and knowledgeable PS. Again honest with doc. This time clean 6 mos. Have surgery and everything looks great. A week later, a large lump forms under left nip. Doc says its scar tissue and will go away in 3 mos. I tell him I think its gyno. I confirm this with another doc. 3 mos. later lump still there. Had 4th surgery and again there was a small lump left and was told its scar tissue.  I ask the doc if the tissue removed from the 4th surgery was scar tissue or gyno and he confirms it was gyno.

Now 16 yrs. after 4th surgery, gyno in left nip is getting noticeable to where it's going to have to be removed again.  I've been on TRT of 150mg per week for the last 10 to 12 yrs.

Does anyone know why this is happening and what can be done to stop it? I know some say have the whole gland removed but several docs I've talked to say you can't remove the whole gland because nip will cave in.  

Can someone recommend a good/great gyno Dr. in the New Oeleans area or within an hours drive?


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