Author Topic: Gyno growth after diet change, did I do permanent damage??  (Read 1396 times)

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So the bottom line is that for a week I took a supplement containing phytoestrogens (not roids, I didn't know it would be this bad). I have had puffy nipples since puberty and now am in my late 20's. After about a week I got EXTREMELY sore nipples, dull aches, hot flashes, etc. I have never felt worse from a hormone imbalance. I immediately stopped and have been taking a lot of zinc and trying to decrease my estrogen levels for going on 4 days now. My nipples are not sore anymore but they are still a bit sensitive. It seems like my gynegomastia glands grew quite a bit since I started, the glands feel bigger and they are visibly larger. Did I do lasting damage or will they go back down (to my previous puffy nipple levels) if I focus my entire diet and supplements on reducing estrogen? Please help!

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I'm not sure what you were taking and what impact it might have had on your gynecomastia, but as a general rule, I've recommended that patients who develop gynecomastia as a result of pro-hormone use allow for six months to pass to determine if the condition will resolve on its own or not.  If it hasn't resolved at that point, I will recommend surgery.  If it resolves adequately, surgery may not be required to correct it.  
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