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Hello Dr. Jacobs and others. I have read your messages very carefully about how you take pictures at various angles to show after surgery results. Personally i went to a couple of surgeons before my surgery and none of them talk and explain things like the way you do. Most of them were just concerned about how to do the surgery and thats it. I am so glad to see your posts and your explanations that you provide to the site members.
Anyways, I had my surgery in march 2015 and my results were amazing. I felt comfortable for the first time in my life. I was 95 kg when I went in for the surgery and in around 6 months after surgery I went down to 70 kg at one point. I was extremely happy about my life and trying new things and working on my career. In June 2016, I started feeling weird about how my body looked and felt like I was growing a bit. I still feel puffy in my nipples but when I raise my arms I do not feel any gland but I still stick out in the shirts that got so comfortable wearing after surgery. Given that I did gain weight and went to 80 kg and have started working out and have gone down to 75 kg but still the comfort is not there. Not sure what is going on and went to my GP and got a blood test done. He says that my T, prolactin and estrogen is normal but I looked at the reports and my T was 203 while the range is from 196-600. I am 32 years old. 
Kinda confused these days and not sure what to do. I also have Kyphosis due to my gyno condition for 30 years. I look ok without clothes as everything looks normal but when I wear clothes specially polo t shirts my chest sticks out alot. Please do give me some advice. I will post some pictures

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These are my recent pictures

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First, you have an excellent result from your surgery -- be grateful there were no craters, unevenness or complications.  And when you lose substantial weight after surgery, as you did, the results look even better.

Realize the surgery is meant to make you look good topless or in snug shirts.  Every person will heal with scar tissue -- that is the way the body heals.  Sometimes a bit of scar tissue develops underneath the areolas, which may make them protrude a bit.  If so, then a cortisone injection may be of help -- but you should discuss this with your surgeon.  I would not preoccupy yourself about what you may be feeling under the nipples.  Rather, the only important criterion is whether the areolas protrude.  If they are flat, then fugeddaboutit (that's Brooklyn-ese, where I grew up) and go on with your life.

As for your testosterone levels, understand there is a huge range of normal.
Some normal T ranges can be from 250 to 1100. I would not be too concerned about sheer numbers.  If you have satisfactory libido and can perform adequately in bed, that's all that is important.

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Thank you for your time and input Dr. Jacobs.


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