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hey! had my surgery done on feb 16th so i believe that makes me 10-11 weeks post op. i wore my compression vest for the full 6 weeks as i was told to, but was concerned with the scar tissue on my right side so i continue to wear it. on the 11th of march i went to see my dr about it and he gave me 1 shot on the right side and nothing on the left. after a full week went by i didn't notice much of a change. my left side always felt like it was way more empty then my right. to this day i still have a small lump on my right side.  if i go a couple hours/days without the vest my right nipple starts to puff and it feels like theres a decent size ball underneath. but if i put my vest on with some extra compression on the right nipple (folded paper towels or something small and dense to push down) the ball basically disappears! could that be liquid or is that scar tissue being pushed down them coming back up? extra pressure really helps me but its unfortunate to be this far post op still wearing the vest from time to time.

as for my left nipple, its got a crease that goes through the middle and sometimes it looks really really weird. super inverted. when i lay down and they're warm, the whole areola curves in. when they're hard, sometimes they're flat but the actual nipple is still inverted and the crease is huge =( what can be done when too much gland is taken out? will this fix itself around the 6 month mark? I'm happy its not puffy but this worries me!

so overall I'm mostly happy with my results. Im aware the scar tissue battle is just starting and i have to be patient for a couple more months. i appreciate all the doctors on here and look forward to a response!

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You should really post photos if you want a doc's opinion.
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While your descriptions are detailed, it's hard to know what's going on. Photos can help. 
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Most of the things you are describing are probably normal in the healing phase. it would be best to return to your surgeon since he / she knows exactly what was done. Hang in there.
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