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Is there anything I should or should not do prior to having gynecomastia surgery?  I have a pre-op consult this week and was just wanting to ask the experts about life before and after surgery.

Obviously, no smoking or drinking.  I don't do either of those anyways.  

1.  Is it ok to workout leading up to the day of surgery?  or, should I take a break from the gym the week of surgery?
2.  Should I prepare meals at home prior to surgery so that I have quick options that do not require much physical activity?

1.  Is there anything I should or should not eat immediately following general anesthesia?
2.  I know chest exercises are not allowed for 4-6 weeks, but can I do light walking around the house to avoid being fat and lazy during recovery?  To what extent can I exercise?  Not looking to go crazy, just trying to learn the limitations.  At what point in recovery can I use an exercise bike for cardio?
3.  Are daily household chores off limits?  Can I still cook breakfast after surgery and during the healing period?

Any other general advice to get the best result and promote healing?

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Allof these are great questions but each doctor has teir own crteria. I would ask your surgeon. Improtant not to take anything that can cause bleeding like Asparin, Advil, ect.
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