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I had surgery in late august, and at the time it seemed like it had gone well; healing was very smooth. However in the past month or so my gyno has returned, my chest has been sore, and it is pretty much back to the point where it was pre surgery. I have been to see my GP, who says he can't do anything as all my blood tests (I've had five since august) have shown there is nothing wrong with my hormones. My body fat has stayed the same, I have a healthy lifestyle and don't drink often. What might be causing the regrowth, and what can I do to stop it?

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To Clarify I am 20 years old and my bf is around 14pc.

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If your gynecomastia was the result of bad luck during puberty, it's uncommon to have recurrence in the absence of other causative factors.  It's possible that the gynecomastia was not fully resected, or it's possible that you have some scar tissue or prolonged swelling.  Beyond that, it's difficult to say what's up without additional history and exam.

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