Author Topic: The right doctor to see?  (Read 1773 times)

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I've have gynecomastia since puberty, it's not as bad as many I've seen but on the right side, to my right of the nipple, there is a hard spot (gland?) that is about the size of the phalanx of my pinkey finger. At times it gets very sore. The left has one too but it seems smaller and doesn't cause me pain.

Do I start with a physician, an plastic surgeon, a endocrinologist, as a first appointment to explore surgery?

I've never used steroids or anything else that may cause it from what I've read. I would like to attempt to have my insurance cover at least some of it, if not all. I'm not overweight and I eat healthy, all the cardio in world doesn't seem to change anything. It's not just a cosmetic issue to me, it actually hurts on one side. Some nights I can't even sleep on my side since they crunch up and hurt. Sorry for ranting, just realizing I don't want to live with this anymore.  :-\

Thanks for any suggestions you have.


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