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I am right at 3 months post operation. Initially my left side was much larger than my right, but 3 months after surgery, my right side looks worse than my left did before surgery. I am not sure if this is just scar tissue or if the gland is back. The left side is still puffy but does not hurt, while the right side feels exactly like the left side before surgery except maybe a little more painful and is still secreting fluid. I have been massaging daily, but the pain on my right side is almost too much to massage through. My question is can scar tissue be painful to the touch or is this the same gland that was supposedly removed?

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You bring up interesting questions -- some of which are best answered by your surgeon.  He is the only person who knows if or how much breast tissue under the areola was removed.

After surgery, there is always swelling -- and then it decreases slowly and sometimes asymmetrically.  That is why many guys panic within days or weeks after surgery -- and that is why experienced voices on this forum urge them to relax and allow appropriate healing to occur until you are looking at close to the final result, which usually takes 4-6 months.  It is only at that time that one can consider possible cortisone injections (if scar tissue is present) or revision surgery.

Stay the course and be in touch with your surgeon.

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