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I plan to travel 500+ miles to have surgery. If I need a shot to soften scar tissue which I read is common ,will I need to travel to the operating surgeon to have this done or could it be handled locally? Thank you.

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Most of us would certainly prefer to deal with that sort of thing with our own patients.  Generally, you wouldn't have need for that before six months, and by then, you might want to see your operating surgeon again anyway.  It might be handled locally if your surgeon knows and trusts someone near you.

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Agree with Dr. Silverman.

Some surgeons are reluctant to take on another surgeon's patient -- even if it is for a "simple" cortisone injection.  There are some specific ways to do the injection as well -- and surgeons who do not deal with gyne that often may not be aware of them.

It is always best to return to your surgeon for follow up treatment -- he is the one who knows you best.

Another plus:  at least in my practice, my initial fee covers everything, including all post-operative care and any needed cortisone injections.  If you travel to another surgeon, you will be charged for the injection.

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Thank you both for replying. That is what I needed to know.

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I would not anticipate problems before they occur.Your question is very difficult to answer. The real answer for me is it depends. I often see patients who a friend has operated on and needs something, however this should not be misunderstood to mean that I will see someone if I do not know the surgeon. You should have an expectation that if something goes on no matter how rare after surgery that requires treatment that you would return to the original surgeon.
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