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I am 3.5 weeks post surgery (27 days), and have built up some hard scar tissue under the left nipple incision area, and it is clearly tethered (or stuck) to the Fascia... It is slightly noticeable when relaxed, but much more noticeable when flexing or reaching to the right, especially when sitting on a chair and flexing, while leaning in a bit...

It creates this weird line above the nipple when it indents, since the skin / fat overlaps part of the nipple while in this position.

Been trying to do research to see what the likelihood of this going away (scar tissue detaching from fascia) on it's own, with some massage and time?

Would appreciate a % figure... What % of patients that have this issue, have it go away on its own with time, without having to endure another "Revision" surgery or cortisone shots...

Im just under a month post op, and want to know what I can honestly expect, as it is bothering me, and I want to make sure that I am fully aware of what the chances are that it will detach with time...

Would appreciate any feedback from experienced surgens who understand this matter.

Thank you!

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It is common to see some tethering of the skin over the chest in the post-operative period, and that's one of the reasons I have my patients massage the area.  This will usually break up any areas that are just sticky following liposuction and excision.  On occasion, a tethered area won't break up with massage, and in such an instance, it might require some sort of surgical manipulation, but I wouldn't consider this for months and months, until I was certain that it couldn't be improved without surgery.

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