Author Topic: What is the normal range of movement following surgery.  (Read 2393 times)

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Hi Dr's, many thanks for your time.

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy 4 and a half weeks ago.

Currently, my range of arm movements are limited. I am a slow healer anyway.

I can move my arms forward and almost upwards, but each time I do this it is very tight across my chest.

I am frightened of stretching just that little bit too much in case I tear anything?

Is it possible to cause tears and will this tightness every go away, do I just have to be patient?

Should I be doing any gentle stretching or something?

Thanks again.

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These questions are properly addressed to your surgeon, who obviously knows the extent of the surgery he performed on you.

Tightness and a sense of pulling are all normal symptoms after surgery.  They always disappear in time.

Premature excessive movements can sometimes create more problems than they help (by stretching the tight tissues).  Yes, they can promote swelling and in certain cases can actually rupture early healing tissues.

Therefore, in your individual case, it is best to ask your surgeon how much movement he would allow at this stage.

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Thanks very much Dr Jacobs, that really reassures me and I will discuss with my surgeon when I see her next week.

Kind regards.


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