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To my fellow Brothers,

I thought I would share my story with you all as I am due (finally) to go into surgery in less than a week. I guess I will go from the start. I developed Gyno at age 19 back in 2006,  well by developed I mean first noticed them through other people’s comments about my “puffy/pointy” nipples. At first I didn’t think much of it until it started getting worse and soon I could no longer wear a shirt without them being visibly noticeable. I spoke with a few  people who said it was completely normal and that they would go away. Unfortunately in my case it was pure Gynecomastia (glandular) so what I was being told was misleading and incorrect.

After a few months went by and there was no sign of them going away/ improving I joined this website and would spend hours each night browsing the forums for answers & solutions. I stumbled across a post about Nolvadex/Tamoxifen that should break down the breast tissue and hopefully cure the gyne. I made an appointment with my Dr and got a 3 month supply. I spent 3 months working out and taking the meds hoping to see some results.. nothing… It was extremely disappointing.

Fast forward a year or so and I finally managed to save up my money for surgery along with a loan from the bank. I went to a consultation with a surgeon, booked the next surgery date which was 3 months away due to the waiting time and paid my deposit. Why  I didn’t pay in full I do not know and has been one of my biggest regrets to this day. I sat on the money I had saved for a few months pending my surgery date. I then received a call from my Dad who I very rarely spoke to who was advising his friend had been in a car accident and he urgently required 3-4 thousand dollars to cover the damages & costs. He said the money would be back in a few days. As I had the money and wasn’t planning on using it for at least a month I loaned him the money. Weeks went by and I was just getting excuses. My surgery was due in a week and I still hadn’t seen the money back from my Dad so I made the hard decision to cancel  and lose my $500.00.

I was hoping once I got the money back I could rebook. I went to see my Dad who asked if he could borrow my car for the weekend to run some errands. I agreed and lent him my car only to receive a call at 3am from the police saying my car had been involved in a hit and run. I rang my Dad who didn’t answer. I went out the next day to go see my car.. it was a write off. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have insurance. My Dad advised me he could sell the wreck for at least $1000 and buy me a cheap little car (how generous of him :S) so I agreed. That was the last I heard of him for a good few years.. He sold my car(wreck) and made off with the money for himself.  (sorry to make it sound like a sob story, just letting you know how long and messed up this journey has been)

I thought I would buy a car with my savings and hopefully save up enough money to rebook my surgery in the near future. However  I met a young lady who I would eventually end up having two young children with, my priories were now supporting a family, not saving for surgery.

I lived on with the condition for years longer, and as we all know it is torcher. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about the condition, or look in a mirror or reflection and see myself and instantly feel down. It destroys your self-confidence.

Over the years I literally tried everything. I got my bodyfat down to %6 which only made them worse. So I tried to exact opposite, get chubby. That also didn't help. I went from sitting at 80KG. down to a trim 75KG then back up to 87KG all to try and "hide" the gyne

10 years down the track to now and I finally decided I have had enough, the surgery  would now be my #1 priority. I am now getting paid pretty well and have a stable job however no savings so im starting from scratch again. I done some researching and stumbled across a blog that advised in some medical cases it is possible to use your own super for operations. I done a lot of research into this and managed to go see a specialist to help my case. I applied (it sounds easy however is fairly hard to get approval) The specialist completed my forms and I lodged my application to use my super for the operation. It took some time for the application to be processed, I was looking every single day to see if it has been approved or not. After about 3 weeks I did my usual routine of waking up and checking on my application. To my surprise I had been approved. I honestly felt like crying. After 10 years of suffering I was finally going to get the operation I desperately wanted. Ironically the approval came through on my birthday which made my birthday a hell of a lot better!

I immediately made contact with my preferred surgeon and booked in my surgery for as soon as possible. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I was already a new person just knowing I wouldn’t have to suffer much longer. I had been through depression, anxiety and  had my self-confidence destroyed because of this condition. It will finally be all over! For anyone that would like some info on this option PLEASE private message me as I would love to help you out.

I jumped back onto these forums as I had done so many times over the past 10 years and started browsing through the forums and my old posts. I noticed that over the years I referred to myself as “Chase” My name is David. I was too ashamed to even use my own identity. As usual when I was browsing I was reading about how much people were affected by their condition and how hard it is to live with it. I instantly went from being excited to feeling down again. Not for me but for how many people in on these forums live with this condition. I feel even though I haven’t met or spoken with any of you guys that you are like my brothers. These forums have been my only support of my years of suffering and we all shared that in common. I hate to read how terrible some people are living their lives and going through exactly what I am. 

I then went to look at some post-surgery threads and discovered that there are so many people who are not happy with their results. To be honest It was shocking to see how many people went through the surgery and came out looking just as bad if not worse than before. Looking at the photos I started to think my journey is far from over. This could happen to me. I couldn’t think of anything worse than finally paying for your surgery and still having to live a  life with no self-confidence. It would be awful. 

So here I am today, 5 days away from surgery hoping and praying everything goes well. I am still excited yet affraid of a bad result. I will post up before and after photos for you guys to follow my story. I also read a lot of post of people before surgery on this site promising of before and after photos only to vanish and leave this site as soon as surgery has done. I guess they want to leave it all in the past?

Sorry for the novel. :)

Wish me luck! The next time you hear from me I will be moob free J

Much love to you guys.


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Hi Guys,
Sorry for the late follow up, I was meaning to update daily after my operation however the size limitation on this site for photos stopped me from updating from my iPhone.
I had my surgery done last Wednesday (8 days ago) and all went well. I had lipo and excision done, surgery took around 3 hours so the Dr definitely took his time which I am happy with. So far I am extremely happy with the results even though I am just over a week post surgery.
Recovery has been mild, more uncomfortable than painful. Hardest part has been sleeping and getting use to the compression vest.
I have attached a few photos for you all as promised. I would love to hear your thoughts on my results? I will update again once I get the stitches out and have a bare chest.


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Thanks for the write up David. The overall shape of your chest has improved immensely. Its no longer pointy and now perfectly sculpted to the pectoral muscle.
Sounds like you have done it tough in the past so its great to see you got a good result!

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Dead Thread?

If the OP is still on this, how are the nips now?
Hopefully all well. 
Appreciate your write up - it helps a lot of people.
I will be doing one on my procedure soon too !

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Still here mate, all is well :) I will upload some progress photos soon.

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Hey David,

You are looking great from the photo.
I am thinking of getting my surgery done as well. How did you get your case approved to use your super to pay for the surgery? I read upon DHS and it seems only life threatening illness will be considered, be great if you could give me some information.


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