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So to avoid wasting your time, this is mainly for those people who are still undecided, or suffering from a lack of confidence due to gynecomastia. 

So I'm just going to give quick details because to be honest I wasn't going to post anything about it...

I had surgery in Melb. last year Sept with Dr Sue T. Cost approx $7.5k of which i probably got $1.5 - 2k back (I didn't have private health insurance)

She was great, the surgery was quick, but I had a hematoma very large on my right chest a few days after surgery because I probably pushed myself too much lifting etc. Thought my life had ended (it was massive, ugly, huge and painful).
But I Visited Dr Sue a couple of times and eventually we got rid of it.

Anyway what I'm really here to say is that 14 months on, and I forget that I had the gyne surgery.. I don't look down at my chest every time I wear a T - Shirt / Singlet, I don't avoid taking my shirt off at all costs and I don't worry about sitting awkwardly to try and hide 'man boobs'. I just live my life..

Now I'm not saying surgery is the immediate and 'cureall' answer for you.. you should think about it, but please don't let anyone tell you (doctors, parents or anyone) that you should just get over it, if its a real problem for you fix it..

I'm 24 and I had this since I was young but its only when I really sat down and thought about how much GYNECOMASTIA consumed my life did I realize that I only have one life to live and I should enjoy it.

So sorry if this is hard to follow, this is more a post all my thoughts one last time thing, won't be on here anymore...

So: about my surgery, results = BLOODY AWESOME, if I had the choice to do it again I would've done it earlier (create memories in your life not, not avoid living), confidence = booming, and I'm glad to put closure to this part of my life. So whoever reads this good luck, and know that if you're serious then DO something about it!

I want to thank everyone on this site, and all the people b4 me who have posted and given their stories, it helped me make my decision to stop procrastinating and get the gyno surgery...

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Great post man, this is inspiring!
I have recently realised I need to get mine corrected ASAP

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Thanks for your encouraging post.  I am 24 too and I think it's a great time to have it done.

I have my surgery booked in with Sue in a few days time.

I am really excited.

I am most looking forward to the beach!   I live right next to the beach and haven't gone in years, because of how ashamed I feel about my gyno.

I hope Sue will do as good of a job as she has done on you.


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