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righto so i'm thinking about looking into surgery and live in adelaide.

ive heard of a few surgeons on here and from looking on the net but havnt heard of anyone whos actually had it done in adelaide.

wondering if theres anyone has had the surgery in adelaide, if so my main questions are,
who with?
how long to get a reservation?
how much (i havnt got private health)?
happy with results?
and recovery time?

cheers any info will be helpful

i understand obviously a lot of that is case specific but rather than ring every surgeon ive heard of individually, id rather find out as much as i can here

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Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as yourself living here in Adelaide. I have contacted two doctors and really didn't feel confident as both said that they don't have photographs and one said that they consider it unprofessional to keep photographs - how is evidence you can do a satisfactory job unprofessional?  ???

That was almost two years ago - haven't bothered looking into other surgeons in Adelaide, but now have enough money to travel interstate with my partner (she's a confidence booster :)) and get this done.

Definitely consider options interstate - but if you are set on Adelaide, most surgeons / surgeries have an email and just say you are interested in a consultation and ask if photos of previous patients can be provided and filter surgeons this way if they can provide proof of good results!



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