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New here,

Firslty i would like to thank everyone that has posted their stories and photos, the advice has been great. I have had gyno since about 14 its only mild or maybe a bit above with swollen/puffy nipples. like everyone i just want a normal live, i'm Living in Australia although not originally from here, therefore medicare or anything wont cover it. The problem has been more pronounced here due to the climate and me not wanting to go to the beach swimming etc. I’m 186cm and 89kg probably 4kg over weigh I’d be considered well built so weight has not really been a factor because I’ve been down to 80kg and up to 95 with out any difference.

I’m sorry I cant post photos as i only have a work computer. Anyway I’ve been to see 2 docotrs in brisbaen dr chen and dr rosebaum in the Australian clinic, dr rosebaum said there is a 75% of the nipples been fixed with lipo, but said he could also do the exsison to be sure. However he said the recovery time is only a few days well back to work recovery time full recovery time is a few weeks but he said if I had it done on the thurs I would be working on the Monday (not a physical job). Does this sound right bearing in mind it’s a moderate to mild case, and what are the chance of it been successful with the lipo, going by what I’ve read here it seems that the lipo only option isn’t a great idea!

Thanks to everyone on this site pity I didn’t find it sooner

Any recommendations for a surgeon in Australia???


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