Author Topic: Australian Healthcare System?  (Read 3205 times)

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Hi All,

Im an American citizen who will be moving to Australia in a few months time with my family. Im just curious to know about the Australian healthcare system, Ive heard a little bit about Medicare but dont know that much about it, if anyone can shed some light about how the Australian health care system works for Americans?

Specifically, I was wondering about hospital costs? whether it is considered elective surgery? and if any of it might be covered by public health?

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Your post was some time ago, however I will respond with my thoughts in case you check back or in the hope they may assist another. Before I begin, just note that I have no experience with your any circumstance similar to that mentioned above. I am just providing some ideas from general knowledge and common sense to provide some thought stimulation and general direction.

I think your best bet would be to contact the appropriate government agency (eg. Medicare) to get your queries answered. If you have trouble doing that, you could contact a GP (general practitioner) to get advice as well as get direction to relevant information with regards to your situation.


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