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Hi Guys!

I am booked for surgery on November 30 in Auckland with Dr Degeus. I am having another meeting with to discuss surgery procedures, he seems to think it will only need a canulla/liposuction whereas i think it will need excision and want him to cut it all out! But I'll convince him.

The price the gave me is $6,200 altogether.  I am moving to Japan early next year and want to get this stuff off my chest (excuse the pun) beforehand. Although it is small enough to live with, I just do not want to. The plan at this stage is to get a graduate loan from either the bank or a dodgy loan place and pay it back when I get to Japan (where I'll be making quite a bit)

I am pretty excited about the whole thing, and cannot wait to have a normal silhouette.
My plan if the scar is noticeable is to get a BIG COLORFUL TATTOO on my chest, but i think scars are kinda hot anyway. I'll post before and after pics and stay in contact with any kids that want advice. For me this started when i was about 13 and a champion swimmer. I soon quit that. I did modelling and everything with it and noone seemes to notice but its got bigger due to medication I was taking a couple of years ago. Mine was not too bad but it did give me some issues.

Anyone from New Zealand have this surgery with my doctor? I am correct in thinking you have to do it privately/plastic surgeon here. I know of one guy that had it done by his GP in the doctors office like an ear infection!

Anyway theres my introduction!
be good


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Hey mate

It's been a couple of years since you posted that but if you manage to check back on these boards at some stage, how have things been? How did the surgery with Dr Degeus go?

I've taken anti depressants for some of my life, is that the medication you refer to? I've been hearing similar stories surrounding SSRI's and tricyclics.

Hope Japan went well =)


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