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Hi can anyone recommend a good surgeon in Brisbane?
I was looking mainly at Paul J Belt ( Has anyone had experience with him or anyone else is brisbane?
Thanks alot!

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I had my surgery with Dr Peter Widdowson on the Gold Coast. He has heaps of experience with this procedure and I am happy with the results. Gland excision only for me.

I personally would not go with a surgeon who was not a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. I see that the doctor you are considering is a member so you can be assured he has a high level of skill and training. The only thing is, like everything in this world, experience at the procedure you are interested in is essential. I saw a couple of surgeons who were affiliated with the ASPS but had minimal experience in gynecomastia surgery. I chose not to go with them.

Ask him during a consulation on his experience in gynecomastia surgery and if he has had to do any revision surgeries, or had patients that had developed blood clots in the chest. As for drains, some surgeons use don't use them but most do.

Good luck dude..


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