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Hi guys i am 22 years old and hav had gyno for more than 2 years now (left side appears to be worst than the right) ... considering going to Dr. Belt for surgery with referral from my local GP....  does anyone know if the cost of surgery varies with severity? i am a student and therefore lack the $$$  :-[ also has anyone had recent experiences with Dr. Belt? i havent seen a post about him since 2008

Cheers in advance guys! appreciate your help

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I had surgery with Dr Sue Thistlewaite in Melbourne.

My assumption is that most surgeons charge a standard fee. The only thing that will vary in terms of cost is operating time. My surgery lasted for only 90 min as compared to the usual 120 mins because I did not have liposuction only excision, so I saved 30min in operating theater fees. But the surgeon fees is a flat standard fee which does not vary according to severity.

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I'm guessing you have seen my posts.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me. Paul is a great surgeon and he offers really good post op support. Don't be affraid to ask him questions.

Edit: don't be affraid to check out Dr Peter Widdowson on the Gold Coast as well. He has had heaps of experience. By the way, I was a student when I got my proceedure done and had to save up for it. I worked extra shifts where I could to save and it took less than a year to get enough for it.
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