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Glenn examined me physically and palpated up quite high with his fingers.
He told me I had a lot of tissue on my right breast (I am asymmetrical) that extended up into the upper right quadrant.
He said that it was a tail. Google: 'Tail of Spence' yes, it's actually called that.
The amount of tissue I have is a lot so he said he would have to make an incision horizontally from my nipple inwards or outwards I can't remember which way. He also put some gloves on and examined my testes because I do have some benign cysts. It was first thing in the morning and freezing cold - he couldn't feel much - so we agreed to abandon that because it was so cold and they had shriveled haha
I respect him for doing that, because I am hypogonadal and have low Testosterone output (and high Estrogen) - I did not expect a plastic surgeon to go that far into a diagnosis!
I was moved into a photo-booth room and 'before' pics were taken from all angles...
The quote was for around 10k. I decided to get another consultation with another surgeon because I don't want to have a horizontal scar...
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