Author Topic: Cost of gynecomastia surgery in New Zealand?  (Read 12036 times)

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Lots of people on the Internet are saying that surgery for gyno is free in New Zealand since its covered by the government. Not only that, but some people on this forum have actually had surgery done for free in New Zealand so it must be true.

But there are also a few people who are paying thousands for the surgery despite living in New Zealand. One person is even traveling to Australia to get the surgery done there. Is it because of the long waiting times?

I'm currently on propecia at the moment for hair loss prescribed by my GP and I seem to be in the very small minority (2.2%) of men who have been affected by this side effect. Also, I had gyno since I was a teen but it was only rather mild.


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i saw my GP about getting the gyne surgery on the NZ public health system for free but he said you have to go on a long waiting list (can take upto 6months) and yet you could still be denied. so its not guaranteed that you will get it free here in NZ. it sucks because my private insurance doesnt cover this surgery  :(

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Hi everyone,

Just posting to let you know that I have right sided gynecomastia, and I am having my surgery through the public health system (Wellington) next week on Wednesday 8th May. It happened pretty quickly, I was refereed to outpatients in March, and then received a call in April to confirm my surgery for May. I'm sorry to hear of some of the delays that people are facing at getting their surgery's confirmed. I am  pretty nervous at the moment mainly about being put to sleep, and what it will look like afterward, but I would be happy to post updates, and possibly pictures of before and after. Cheers M

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I would be very surprised if the government pays for it free unless there are medically related circumstances. The chances would be so low, I did not even bother to enquire.
I just went straight out private. In and out within 10 days of initial consultation. No messing around or months on a waiting list.
The cost came to just short of $13,000 (excision and lipo) all up. Very reputable organisation and surgeon.
That seems to be about the standard rate around Auckland.
Even if you can find someone cheaper by $1000 or so, I just would not risk it. Choose the most reputable surgeon you can in order to hopefully guarantee a good result.


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