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Seems like a few people have had surgery in Australia.

What is the total cost likely to be?

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G'day mate,
Well it can vary from surgeon to surgeon. It seems like a surgeon and this is generally a cosmetic surgeon will do the surgery in there own theater not in a private hospital these seem to be cheaper around the 4 to 5500 dollars. Now a good plastic surgeon can be anywhere from 6000 to 9000 and some may be a little more such as dr jeremy hunt he can charge a fair bit seeing he is a bit of a celeberaty when it comes to plastic surgery this does not mean he does a better job though. These surgeons will do the surgery in a private hospital so there is the cost of the hospital fee as well this makes it a little more expensive as you can see from the figures that I have given you.
I hope this helps mate do not be afraid to ask questions on here it may take a little bit to get a answer as some of us are not on here as often as we would like but there is a world of knowledge out there.

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The costs for me are outlined in that thread. Also anything that is covered by Medicare in Australia also accrues a 20% tax offset on medical costs over $1500. So my total costs after medicare rebates were $5596 which means you approximately get 20% of that back which is over $1500 ((5596 - 1500) * 0.20 = $819.2). It also affects your total taxable income, which may knock you back into another tax bracket. This tax return I managed to get back an extra $1407 due to the surgery which allowed my total costs to be $4189.


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