Author Topic: Do i have Geno?  (Read 2651 times)

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hey guys, im 16 turning 17 soon. and ever since i was 12 - 13 i have had this kind of chest, my nipples are cone shape and they feel hard in them somtimes. im not that fat and i exercise. they r like this most of the time if they dont get cold or i lie on them.

i liv in nz

can any1 help me and give me some answers? is it possible they will pass with age or what? ive been very sad latly when i found out there is a reason for this and they wont go away simply with exercise.

check out the photos and tell me what you think plz.
i dont think surgery is a option for me because of $ and welly dont have any doctors for it, and im sure my Gp dusnt no anything about geno, and if i told my mum she would call me a hypochondriac.

but then again i myt not have geno or it will pass with age

cheers :(   :'(

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Yes you have a pretty bad case of it. Surgery is your only option here.


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