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Wow, I am currently sitting in my room watching the build up to the origin on the news (Sydneysider who lives in Melbourne). I came out of my anaesthesia about 3 hours ago after a surgery that took around 1.5 hours.

I am actually just waiting for the nurse to turn up and take these tubes out, (not the fun part).

Let me just say that I have been looking at this website everyday for nearly 2 years. I wish I had found it much earlier and kicked started this process when I was younger (currently 25).
Although I have all this padding and am looking down the barrel of a long recovery (as far as swelling goes).

Most of what I will say will be similar to all other words that have been written about the process with Sue so I will be concise.

I just wanted to say -
Don't put it off, do not be afraid of the process and do not think about money.

I was worried about the silliest things, how people would take it, would anyone find out - would the nurses laugh at me.
Honestly I feel like I just got a haircut and the nursing staff are completely devoid of any judgement to my position. I know it might sound paranoid however I am sure it is something that has passed through everyones head. You can keep this confidential, and you can conceal the healing process - much better and easier than you can arch your back all day and wear baggy ugly ass clothing to cover your problem.

If you do have any questions that I can answer then I would gladly help, try and get in there within the next month or two when I am still active on this website - I want to be honest as I often felt disheartened when I got no response to threads by people who had gone under the knife!

So you don't need to ask, price was 7.5k which is everything all up. My car only cost 5k and yet I already feel great about it.


Had the drains taken out, kind of gross and gave a slightly painful burning feeling under the skin but quickly subsided.
I am all set to go, sitting here using my phone as a hotspot and waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up. I suggest that you wear a loose fitting shirt as they pack so much padding on your chest you will be walking out looking like Pamela Anderson haha.

Anyway, I will be updating come friday ,so got any questions then ask away.
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Lypo and excision? Be great to show some photos if you can.

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Hey mate glad to hear everything went well. I replied to you in my thread.

Tell me, how fun was it getting the bandages ripped off your chest? Like that free chest wax. haha


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