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As anyone had problems with loose skin after the operation?


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As anyone had problems with loose skin after the operation?

How well skin adjusts after surgery depends on the original problem, nature of each patient's tissues, surgical technique, skill of the surgeon, and other factors.  Skin Reduction Gynecomastia Surgery is a compromise with additional scars. It becomes a trade off, scars vs loose skin.  With my techniques, I am able to avoid skin reduction scars for many.

Loose skin can be a major problem after massive weight loss..  When there is loose tissue both lower body and upper body, sculpting the coarser lower tissue first permits a more accurate areola position.  A Lower Body Lift addresses the loose skin around the lower body and usually includes a tummy tuck, thigh lift, leg lift, and buttock lift.  Take your time to check out the entire section showing the problem of loose skin, the movies before and after surgery.

The drooping male chest after massive weight loss typically needs some form of Skin Reduction Chest Lift Surgery.  The extent of surgery depends on many factors.

For those still losing weight or needing to hold off before considering surgery, Non-surgical Body Shaping Garments can help as an emotional support.  It can be rewarding seeing the expression on patients as they first put on one of these garments to help deal with the loose skin issues until they are ready for surgery.

Hope this helps,

Michael Bermant, MD
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