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Hi fellas,

Been following the forums for a while and it's been a great resource.  I've had Gyno since I was a teenager and I've finally made the decision to get the operation done. Without having had a consultation yet, I know my procedure will involve lipo AND removal of excess glandular tissue.

Apologies in advance for a long post but hopefully some of what I list here will be useful.  I'd also be keen to hear differences in the pricing from what you've seen with Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons across the country.   I would say out of the three surgeons I've queried so far - Dr Dilip Gahankari sounds the most promising with his use of SLIM lipo.  

Also, looking up the medicare part numbers - it looks like the rebate would be around $500 per 'breast'.

Here are some quotes (all quite similar in prce) from a few surgeons that I've made enquiries with:

Dr Ces Colagrande
Clinica Colagrande, level 1, 2519 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach.  Consultation fee: $50

Cost: between $5,000 to $7,500

Dr Dilip Gahankari

"Dr Gahankari performs this procedure regularly. He uses laser liposculpture (along with conventional liposculpture and excision of gland via tiny incisions under the nipple) to perform this operation. This is performed with SLIM-lipo, and this is the only Plastic Surgery practice in Queensland, that offers this service (Palomar medical). Particular advantage of SLIM lipo is reduced bruising and pain and quicker return to work."

Gynaecomastia surgery (Bilateral) with SLIM lipo : $ 5500 approximately. Private fund rebate would be available on surgical and anaesthetic fees, if you are covered for the item nos.

The Anaesthetic costs will depend on the extent and estimate of time of anaesthetic. Most procedures need between 2 and 3 hrs to perform. This cost can be obtained after consultation. The medicare item numbers 31527 (times two) are normally applicable for most gynaecomastia procedures and please enquire with your private fund if they cover these. In that case, you may only need to pay excess to the hospital. Dr Gahankari operates out of Pindara, John Flynn, Short Street and Pindara Day Surgery procedure hospitals.

Dr Craig Layt

Your out of pocket cost for a Gynaecomastia with private health insurance is $5800 (this includes the surgeon's fee, anesthetic fee and theatre fee).
Your out of pocket cost for a Gynaecomastia without private health insurance is $7500 (this includes the surgeon's fee, anesthetic fee and theatre fee).

I'm with private insurer BUPA - and my 12 months waiting period (as I joined last year) is up in July.  I'm saving for the operation and will have sufficient funds before my waiting period - but I figure the $1200 or so saving by waiting (gosh I've lived with it this long, what's another couple months) - is almost a trip to NYC - so I'm happy to wait.

Tell ya what though, it feels good to finally get it done.  It is a funny thing when I tell people I'm getting it done, they don't really notice my Gyno unless I make it a focus of conversation but seriously I want to hit the beach, hit the sack and not feel so self conscious like I've got a pair of saggy breasts lol

I'm about 6ft, solid build (islander background)- hit the gym 5 days a week and the only things I'm unhappy about is my Gyno (the gut I can handle!) :D




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