Author Topic: Is a GP referral necessary and at what point do we contact our health insurance  (Read 2519 times)

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Hey guys,
Just wondering if we need a GP referral for the surgery, does it help provide a discount or? Also I have gmhba health insurance,  I'm yet to claim anything with them though so I'm not too sure how it works, should I contact them before any consultation?

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I believe most surgeons in Australia require you to have blood tests and ultrasound done. You may be able to have a consultation without a referral but they will just send you away for the blood tests and charge you for the consultation, whereas you can go to a bulk billing gp and get the tests done free. I think Medicare covers about half the consultation fee. Not sure about health insurance sorry. Probably discuss that with the surgeon. The surgeon I went to will operate in a hospital if you have private insurance, or in his local clinic otherwise. As for claiming the consultation fee you should be fine to do that after.

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ms123 i really don't mean to be rude, but your entire reply is pretty much wrong.

1. Most surgeons in Australia do not require blood tests and ultrasounds.  In fact, they will often tell you that is unnecessary.   
2. You can have any plastic surgery consultation without a referral. 
3. You are right in saying that the benefit of getting a referral is that it can help with medicare rebates. However, it's not half the consultation fee because every surgeon's fee is different, whereas the rebate is the same with medicare.   
4. Don't discuss health insurance with the surgeon, discuss health insurance with your insurance provider.   Although, you can ask the surgeon/reception to chat to your provider for you and help work out what you may be covered for with that particular surgeon and the hospital they use.


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