Author Topic: Gynaecomastia Removal Brisbane  (Read 2868 times)

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Hi Guys, I recently had my Gynaecomastia removed by Dr Paul Belt in Brisbane. After suffering with this condition for many years I decided to finally do something about it. After having them removed successfully, it has given me back my confidence again. If anyone is looking for a top surgeon in Brisbane I highly recommend Dr Paul Belt. I'm 2-3 weeks in recovery now and the results look amazing. 

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Good to hear mate.

I wanted to go with Dr Belt but the wait was so much longer. I ended up going with Dr Widdowson in Southport. Very happy with my results.

Do you have any photos you wouldn't mind sharing?

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I'm very interested to know more about both of your procedures, price/how it went/the process/pain/results/pics, any info you've got



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