Author Topic: Gynecomastia Surgery with Cosmos Clinic in Sydney  (Read 3274 times)

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I just wanted to share with everyone my results with Dr Joseph Ajaka from Cosmos Clinic as there isn't a lot of information about him on this forum.

For years I had been self-conscious about my chest, struggling to fit tops that didn’t make my chest look like Breasts!

To be honest it wasn’t something I felt I could or wanted to discuss with anyone and the more I kept to myself the more depressed I got. I had done the odd google search on gyno surgery and visited a few forums but never got involved in the conversations.  Then I saw Dr Ajaka on the Morning show with a couple of guys who had the same issue as me and they looked great, and remembered that a friend of mine had mentioned Dr Ajaka and his results were great and hard to ignore.

So, I decided to get off my backside and finally do something!
I went for a consultation at Cosmos Clinic in Sydney, and found the whole experience positive and reassuring. Dr Ajaka and Dr Fascetti took the time to listen and get to know me and by him explaining the whole procedure, what I should expect and discussing realistic expectations I felt like a weight had been lifted and finally I had the confidence to actually do something about my issues.

The day of the op went smoothly, didn’t remember much, I remember the doctors asking me to roll to my side. It's like your drunk. After the operation, I felt u a bit sore and tired and after a while was sent home. The nurses are really caring. The following day I was stiff and sore, I felt like I had overdone the chest press at the gym, but it was up and about just taking my time.  I had 2 appointments for massage at the clinic the week after my op and another 2 the following week which really helped with the stiffness and swelling. Fernanda the massage therapist is amazing.

The procedure cost $5,500 AUD and I only needed 3 days off my desk job, which was plenty for me.

I was told that even tho my results are great now at 6 weeks my body will continue to heal and improve over the next 3-6 months. Below are copies of the photos they took at the clinic.

I am so happy with my results, I’m actually mad at myself for not doing it years ago. Now I can go to the beach for the first time in years.

Can't wait for summer!

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Is this suppose to be a joke? 
you said in ur comment it was 6 weeks post-op and u upload a picture like that?
That is at least 6 MONTHS post-op, noone heals that fast - you dont even have any scaring or incisions - pls dont deceive the public this isn't a forum for advertising.
Hey guys don't fall for such nonsense.


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